RLdev is a basic RealLive development kit, containing an archiver/disassembler, a compiler, and a graphics conversion tool.


Latest version: 1.40 (2006-6-22) - changelog.

WARNING: this program is not really ready for public consumption. Proceed at your own risk.

RLdev is currently not being actively developed or maintained. You can report bugs to me if you like, but I will probably not have time to investigate or fix them. However, since this is open source software, perhaps you will be able to find another programmer to take care of your problems...

注意:このプログラムはまだ公開できるほど完全ではありません。 使ってみたければ嬉しいですが、気をつけてください。


Additional utilities

Online documentation

Development version

The latest (often unstable) source code is accessible through a public Subversion repository on svn.haeleth.net/pub. Please see the README before checking anything out.

An up-to-date HTML manual for the development version is available here. This is rebuilt automatically whenever the documentation sources are modified.

Known problems and workarounds