This is the home page for development and builds of a branch of ONScripter with English language support.

For information on NScripter and ONScripter as such, see insani's English-language documentation.

Older versions: builds, changes.

Current version (onscripter-en-20080823)

Since Unix binaries can be difficult to make portable, I am not providing them for Linux, the BSDs, or similar platforms; this version includes a configure-based build system that should make building from source easier than it has been in other ONScripter variants. (But see next section.)

For maximum simplicity on platforms without decent package managers, the ‘source code with dependencies’ package includes all the libraries that ONScripter-En requires. (You may also prefer to use this on platforms with decent package managers; we've occasionally known problems to occur with distribution-packaged SDL_mixer in particular.)


ONScripter-En forces English mode on by default, which can cause minor issues running certain Japanese games. If this affects you, use the original version of ONScripter instead.

Subversion access

Source code is available from a public Subversion repository at http://svn.haeleth.net/onscr.