Majiro development

Majiro is yet another visual-novel-oriented scripting engine, used by companies such as SIESTA, NekoNeko Soft, and the R18 group (Beenyan, Candle, Haoh).

I've figured out most of the system architecture, though little of its finer details; it's a pretty simple setup that repeats all the same mistakes just about every other similar engine has made, in terms of naive file formats, trivial cyclic XOR encryption, and so forth.



基本的に、Majiroというのは、SIESTA、ねこねこソフトなどが使う ビジュアルノベル用スクリプトエンジンです。

こーゆーのに興味がある私は、そのエンジンを勝手に遊ばせて貰いました。という訳で、 作ってしまったSusie用プラグインや、逆アセンブラーとかが、以下にあります。

Susie plugins

50 kb - 2005.9.2

One shiny package of Susie plugins that handle the system's archive and graphics formats. Full source code is included.


Development kit (Win32)

724 kb - 2006.1.25

A basic development kit - disassembler, assembler, archiver, and graphics converter. Don't expect something nice and well-documented like RLdev: this is a minimalist job, working with source code that's barely more human-readable than the binary data it's based on. There's a lot of work to be done before I'll understand enough to be able to work at a higher level.

Full source code is included.

大変酷く最原始的ですが、とにかく便利そうなツールキットです。アーカイバー、 アセンブラーと逆アセンブラー、あとグラフィック・コンバーターもあります。 やっぱりソース付き。