Kurokoge is an AVG32 clone for OS X. It's based on the MacOS 9-based clone Waffle.

The Japanese version has a number of issues that prevent it working well with my Kanon patch, so—with some help from people who actually own Macs, notably Misty de Meo—I've modified it to support the features I need. This English version is supported and distributed from this page.

Installation and usage

To install Kanon, simply copy the contents of the CD to your hard disk. To install Kurokoge, copy the Kurokoge program into the directory where you put Kanon. From there it should be as simple as running Kurokoge to play.

Installation of the Kanon patch is documented in the README accompanying the OS X build of the installer.

While this version will probably run current releases of my Kanon patch, it will do so imperfectly. Perfect support requires some changes to be made to the game itself, which will be implemented in future releases.

Kurokoge for English games

568 kb — 2006.1.22

Kurokoge binary for OS X (PPC).

This is not a universal binary, but AVG32 isn't a demanding system, so performance on Intel-based Macs should be adequate even running through Rosetta. (Also, xkanon may be usable on Intel-based Macs.)

Source code

307 kb — 2006.1.22

Complete source code.